Bulletin M

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Political, provocative, thoughtful and often funny, the DJ, sound artist, composer and self-described “Old School Situationist” named Bulletin M has distinguished himself by managing to combine the youthful energy of pranksterism and rave culture with a striking theoretical depth and reach. He was once described as “an anarchist Derrida with a spray-can and a boom box”, and while this suggests the tone of his approach it misses the considered background and rigorous practice he brings to each piece. Bulletin M’s practice may seem anarchistic, but his guiding ideals are utopian, and his work shows an effort to engage the world in a discourse that demands to be political, aesthetic and ethical all at once.   

Born in 1972, Bulletin M (Pádraig Mullen) graduated from University College Cork in 1994 with a BA in Computing, then went on to earn an MA in Philosophy at University College Dublin in 2005. He is currently earning a PhD in Cultural Studies at Trinity College Dublin, writing his dissertation on the topic “BPM: Time and La Durée in Rave Culture”. Bulletin M has been working as a musician and artist since the early 1990s, when while still in secondary school he began DJing and developing hi-tech sound pranks. What began with punkish guerrilla installations, graffiti, pranks, and rave production developed into a multi-layered artistic praxis informed by Marxist critique, Situationist utopianism, Fluxus techniques, and post-structuralist theory. Bulletin M considers it his mission in life to destroy art by erasing the distinction between art and life, to derange the capitalist hegemony through culture-jamming and to recuperate the beautiful through détournement.

His works have been exhibited at Road Records and Temple Bar Galleries (Dublin, Ireland), 33 1/3 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA), The Whiteroom Gallery (Galway, Ireland), The Factory Gallery (Berlin, Germany) and on a street near you. His pieces have been performed in Tallaght (Tallaght, Ireland), at Tiskel Arts Centre (Cork, Ireland), at Wexford Arts Centre (Wexford, Ireland), at Padiglione Arte Contemporanea (Ferrara, Italy), at T.U.B.E. (Munich, Germany), at the Festival Automon en Normandie (Rouen, France) and elsewhere. He has held residencies at Pine Street Studios (Cork, Ireland) and Fire Station Studios (Dublin Ireland) and has been awarded a project grant from the Arts Council of Ireland. He also DJs widely. 

Some of Bulletin M’s works include “(Fuck the Police)”, The Bless Project, The People United, Hey Guy!, devastated by vikings…, and Sail for the West We Never Knew. He is currently working on The Bulletin M Book of Songtags, a long-term project. He lives in Dublin.